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I discovered Penelope Wilcock through her Hawk and the Dove series while in PNG. I haven’t finished it (libraries have failed me and my current budget doesn’t include buying books. I’m all crying inside over this though). I was immensely blessed by many things in The Hawk and the Dove, and The Wounds of God.

Back stateside I looked up Penelope Wilcock to discover that she has a blog. And I quickly saw that she was interested and thought deeply about many of the same things as me (monasticism Quakers, Church, living simply, living as a Christian in the 21st century, etc.).


Anyway, check out Kindred of the Quiet Way sometime if you get a chance. Maybe you’ll be blessed a little also.


  1. Thank you, Isaac. It always makes me happy when someone enjoys my books. If you comment again on my blog, giving me first your email and then your street address (both, because I can only see the first part of an unpublished comment, so if your address is long part may not be visible unpublished, and I don’t want to publish your contact details but can verify your street address with you by email), I’ll send you the next couple of books in the Hawk and Dove series. I can only manage two, because I also have a mini-budget, but I’d be delighted to do that.

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