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October 2018 Update

Dear friends and family!


I’ve made it safely back to the United States after about 21 months in Papua New Guinea. As I sat down to write this I couldn’t help but notice that my last update is from November of last year. Allow me to explain why. 1. My computer broke. 2. I stopped going to town as often which meant internet access for me was limited to only 6 hours or so every three months and I had other things to take care of with that time. 3. I started teaching full time which means I didn’t have, what I felt like, really exciting news to share or the time with which to share it.

Now that I’m back in the states I hope to start getting a lot more pictures up here but it may take a little time as I still have no computer.  The Guys


Thanks to everyone that supported me while I was living in the third world. Your donations helped me to get done more work there and the money I have left over will go into getting into school. Even more, thanks to those of you who prayed for me. There is power in prayer and I still need it as I make the massive transition from living in a village with a population of 600 to living in the insanity that is the US. And lastly, thanks to everyone that sent me notes, emails and text messages. It means a lot to know that I’m not entirely forgotten and that there are other christians standing behind the work God did (is doing) through me and OIPNG.

I’m back stateside but the mission isn’t over. I’m hoping to get into nursing school next semester to continue to hone myself into a more effective tool for glorifying God wherever he may send me. I don’t know where that’ll be in the future. But right now it’s right here and that means my big challenge at the moment is to continue to glorify God in these changed circumstances.Goodbye to ApMa

Humbly striving to serve,


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