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I wanted to write a post about how many of the diverse community building aspects of our work here came together in one day this Easter but… there is a time to speak (or write) and there is a time to be silent.

I will only say that I finally got my first suturing experience on a real live human being and remembered to take a picture… as soon as I’d finished bandaging. I was slightly tempted to pull off the tape and get a picture anyway but… Instead I’ll just leave you with these. Really, they’re much more pleasant than a machete wound on someone’s butt anyway.

"A wild bush man appears"

On the way to the garden with the tractor

Yes, they were jumping from up there

Tree-Jumping in Angoram

Bananas, firewood and children. A good days harvest.

On the way back from the garden

Does this make us less redneck?

Moving the old jalopnik out of the yard

I told them I'd take a picture to prove how hard of workers they are

Guys resting under my house


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