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God needs…

I was sitting around a table full of Christians, we were discussing race, politics, immigrants, the president elect, the future, the brokenness of the United States and the brokenness of the church in the US. It was beautiful. They were broken, I was broken, we were broken together. We talked, we listened, we wept.

Well, they talked. I opened my mouth and then God said “Shut up. I got this.” And someone else said exactly what I thought needed to be said.

It took a couple rounds of that before I started expressing what I felt the needs of the conversation were to God instead of trying to interject them myself. Time again He replied to those prayers and led the conversation through the voices of those around me. And then it dawned on me, God didn’t need me there. He had me there, He had me praying. But He was the one guiding that conversation. He was the one in control and I was just there to watch and pray. And learn.

God teaches me. And today He taught me a lot. But the one I got excited enough to tell Him to remind me of is that He doesn’t need me. I’ve always known God could do whatever he wants without me or you, but I’d never realized it in this way before.

I have a lot of skills. There’s a saying that a pretty woman is absolutely helpless on her own because there’re always men ready to jump in and lend a hand. Maybe that’s sexist and I’m not a woman, but if the saying’s true then I must be pretty ugly.

But God isn’t sending me to PNG because I can swing a hammer or diagnose TB. He doesn’t need my winning personality or my mad pull-up skills. He’s sending me so that He can go. In me.

God doesn’t need me there. He needs Himself. And this crazy fragile, broken little vessel carries Him around.


I’m not going to PNG to do construction or to reach the lost or anything else. I’m going to be Christ. Not to say I’ll do that perfectly, or well, or very much at all. But that is what we, as CHRISTians, are called to do. Maybe that means cutting two by fours, maybe that means teaching english, or changing diapers. But our calling is to be His hands and feet. His body and bride.

And the less we are there, the less I am there, the more He is. Let me decrease that you may increase Jesus.

God doesn’t need you. But He can and will work through you. He works, not you. Walk by the Spirit and let Him guide your steps.


  1. There was a song at the church I was at today, that said something about God being the fire in me. It inspired me, this idea of being filled up with God so that the people that I get to love are getting God’s amazingly powerful and wise love. I’ll be there, and get to experience them being loved so, and that will be cool. But it will be God.

    It’s also inspiring to think of God’s Spirit in me burning away this darkness that can feel so overwhelming sometimes, all the sin that crouches at my door, the lies and division enslaving our world – our Church! That there is a victorious God, and I can let Him fill me.

    Captivated by hope,

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