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Samban, ESP, PNG

From February to May of this year (2016) I had the opportunity to help out Samaritan Aviation in Wewak, Papua New Guinea. Helping out with Samaritan was a really good experience for me and God used it to teach me a lot of things. I made some connections, some friends and most of a house. Some of the time that I was in PNG I got to spend in a village called Samban with a family named Pryor. Though my time in PNG was all too brief, and my time in Samban even shorter, I really fell in love. I fell in love with PNG, the people and the culture. When I came back to the States it really felt like leaving home and it’s been hard for me to feel at home here since.

When I left Samban the people I met there asked me to stay and told me that PNG is my home. When I left Wewak my friend Lazarus gave me a traditional headdress and told me that I had to ask God to send me back everytime I looked at it. While I was in Samban I talked a little bit with the Pryors about returning there in the future.

When I returned to the States I decided to be proactive about seeking God and finding out whether my returning to Samban was something we both desired. After a couple weeks of prayer I felt like pursuing returning to PNG was something God wanted me to do and I started talking with the Pryors about what that would look like.

The main reason I started this Blog is to share a little bit with the world at large my journey back. I’m excited to go to return to Samban because I really feel like it’s a place where the skills I have will be utilized. There’s a lot of construction ready to be done in Samban (in-patient ward for clinic, community center, etc.), there’s a clinic in Samban serving the surrounding area at which my limited medical experience would be helpful and there’s a lot of opportunity for discipleship.

The gospel has reached Samban and it has an established church, so I’m not going to say I’m going where no one has ever heard the gospel. Samban is however very remote and there are many places not very far away that have very little interaction with the gospel or with the church. My hope is that I’ll be able to reach out and impact other villages and language groups with the gospel as I develop deeper relationships with those where I am.

I’m also excited to see how God provides for me on this trip as He did on my last one and hope to be able to share some stuff here about that. With paperwork and flights and all that jazz it will probably end up costing a little over $3000 just to get back to Samban. Once there the ball park figure is about $600 a month in living expenses. This might end up being a lot more, or a lot less depending on what ends up happening. The Pryors have offered to let me in on their farming and gardening to subsidize my own cost of food, and they are offering to let me not pay rent and instead work on the place where I will be living.

This means that living expenses there will (hopefully) be a lot less than it was when I lived in town and a whole lot less than living in the states. On the other hand I won’t have any income or way to make money while I’m there which kind of leaves it up to God to provide that money.

I’m not asking for money. But donations can be made to Liberty Christian Church, 2010 Liberty Church Rd. Martinsville, IN 46151 with Ap Ma Project/Isaac in the memo line. (Sorry, not sure if that would be 501c3 or not. I’ll find out and update.)

For those of you who read this, I do really appreciate support in the form of prayers. (Or money or advice or handwritten notes that say you’re thinking of me or whatnot.) Prayers are definitely the best way to support me though. The spiritual battle is real, Jesus is victorious and prayers are powerful.

I firmly believe that God needs neither me, nor anyone else to get His work done. But I do really want to be as much a part of what He’s doing as He’ll let me and I invite others to do the same. Feel free to contact me at isaaclassified@gmail.com with any thoughts, comments or advice.

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