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One of the ways I’ll have opportunity to serve in Samban is through the local Clinic. Through the miracle of modern aviation, it’s possible to get from Samban to the regional hospital in about 2-3 hours. If the planes can’t fly it could take days. The hospital is in town, far away from homes, friends, family and gardens; making it hard for people to stay there and receive the care they need. I won’t say anything bad about Boram hospital, but this picture more or less sums it up.

This is right across from a sign that says "wood fire's only"The Clinic in Samban allows us to provide a high level of medical care right in the village. OIPNG just received a grant from the government to build an impatient ward on to the clinic, the building of which will be one of my main responsibilities.

Last time I was in PNG I got the opportunity to volunteer some both at the Samban Clinic and a Catholic Clinic in town. This time around I will be able to use some of my EMT experience and the skills learned at MMI here in the Samban Clinic.


One of the nurses on his way to work.