Hello There!


When I had only one semester left in college and I was seriously preparing to go to the developing world I decided to study Emergency Medicine as part of that preparation.

In May of 2015 I received my certification as an Emergency Medical Technician followed by a certificate in basic IV therapy a month or so later.

That October I attended Equips Medical Missionary Intensive course in North Carolina. Though I only spent about two weeks there it seems like it was almost as useful as the 3 months I’d spent training to become an EMT.

While working with Samaritan aviation in 2016 I had some opportunity to work at a local clinic in town as well going as serving as a med tech on a few life flights.a href=

While working in Samban I had the opportunity to do lots of different things and to work with some awesome local health workers.

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I learned a lot. But mostly I learned that I need a lot more training and experience before I ever serve in that capacity again.


So the plan going forward is to go back to school and get my nursing degree and get as much experience as possible before returning to the developing world.


I feel like I should include more pictures but most of them are nasty… here’s this guy. Brother hit him with a grass knife (long, thin machete). I think I put… 17 stitches in him. 4 inside and the rest outside.

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