Hello There!


img_20160501_181800282_hdrOne of the main jobs I’ll be doing in Samban is construction. I’ll be helping pick up some of the load from Jesse’s shoulders (or hands). I got the opportunity to work with and learn from my father for five or so years doing all kinds of construction. (You can check out some of the stuff we did over at promarkworks.com)In February of 2016 I got to go work with Samaritan Aviation to build an addition to their missionary housing.

Roland/Ishmael on joists.

We  just about doubled the size of the tiny little house here.

No alcohol here.

Construction in Samban will be a little different since we have to mill our own lumber and we can’t just run to Home Depot (or Garamut) for supplies.

Some guys stuck in a house.

I’m not actually sure how it all turned out because I had to leave just a little after the above photo was taken. I’ll update here when I get a chance.