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June Photo Update

In the interest of conserving internet and posting photos only once I’m posting these here instead of sending them out in normal update. Here’s the last three months in pictures.

Gotuwa Patrol

Clinic Patrol to Gotuwa.

Standing up walls on the new staff house.Standing up Walls

I’m just off the screen, supervising.Jesse/Hendrik Measuring Clinic Expansion

Jesse and Hendrik taking measurements on the In-Patient ward.Shower!

My beautiful shower. I’m a little in love with it. Also nice to have my very own toilet to help with all those tropical diseases.Meldon

Little Meldon with his typical smile.Dike

Dike: Elementary teacher and my grade 10 student.Mandex

Mandepe our oldest, hardest working employee. Also Meldon’s grandpa.Nurse/Housing

The newest staff house as it stands today.


And those are the ways of Samban. Should have taken pictures of the pig we butchered… after all the work I put into her, gotta say the bacon’s pretty good.

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